What should I get my best friend for the holidays?

We all struggle with what to give our close friends for the holidays! Since we know them so well, we are expected to get them the perfect gift! Sounds super easy right?  However, we know how hard it is and the pressure that comes with finding something just right! Worry no more, below we provided you with our Top 3 gift ideas to give to your best friend! Also if you have some ideas feel free to comment below or post on the app!

Super long iPhone Charger


I can't even count how many times I have an argument over misplaced chargers or my best friend "borrowing" my charger. This year be the bigger one and gift them what they been wanting from you all year!  Shop here



For the friend that will schedule your hang outs  around their dog's schedule. If your friend constantly posts about their dog and can't stop talking about them, this is the gift to give them! Shop here

UNIF Avocodo Hat


Who doesn't like avocados?  We all know the best time with friends are spent eating good food! Plus this is our icon to our food section on our app! Shop the hat here. 

Neelu Shukla